Endorse Elias Today!

For 16 years, the residents of House District 20 have made it clear what they want in a legislator: a fighter. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. Someone who uses their authority not to comfort the comfortable but to shine a light on forgotten problems and look out for vulnerable Alaskans.

Now it’s time for a new fighter. And I’m ready to take the mantle.

I believe in a bright future for ALL Alaskans from every walk of life. I believe in laws that protect and preserve civil rights for groups that experience discrimination. I believe a woman’s reproductive health should be between her and her physician. I believe we have a responsibility to manage our natural resources responsibly for future generations. I believe in the American Dream and the melting pot of cultures that define our country, our state, and our city. I believe Alaska can be a leader on all of these issues.

Lawmakers need to be willing to work across the aisle to effect meaningful change. They also need to have principles that they stand behind no matter what. I am unapologetically pro-equality, pro-choice, pro-environment and pro-immigrant, and I am also pro-Alaska. We cannot move forward by leaving citizens behind. Standing up for Alaska means standing up for Alaskans. That’s what I do as a private citizen and it’s what I’ll do as the elected representative for House District 20.

Please endorse my campaign for State House today! 

"I would like to lend my name to this historic campaign that will reconnect Alaskans to their state government. I want to endorse, Democrat Elias Rojas for State House."

Will you endorse?