Tom Begich, State Senator

"Elias is an independent leader who will work hard for our community. He'll stand up to special interests, and be a strong voice for Fairview, Downtown, Government Hill, and South Addition/Inlet View."

Tom Begich, State Senator

"Elias has been an exceptional community activist on many issues. He will be a great State legislator who will get the job done."

Elvi Gray-Jackson

Former Assemblymember

"Elias is the candidate who will respect and honor the communities of House District 20. Elias' experience is truly working in this community. He is someone we and our families can trust to do the right thing and help our communities thrive."

Christopher Constant

Downtown Assemblymember

"The people in House District 20 want a representative who will work for our district tirelessly and be effective in bringing people together for the greater good of Alaska - someone like Elias Rojas." 

Ed Wesley

Alaska Democratic Party National Committeeman

"Elias is smart, hardworking leader who is committed to building safe vibrant neighborhoods with good schools. He listens well and is trustworthy. He will do a great job representing our district in Juneau and serving the State."

Dr. Sheila Selkregg

Alaska Democratic Party National Committeewoman